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ElemEntrance2.jpgOgilvie Elementary School
PreK-12 Principal: Jake Nelson, 320-272-5005,
PreK-12 Assistant Principal: Suzanne Davis, 320-272-5055,
Secretary: Teri Belsheim, 320-272-5050,
Attendance: 320-272-5060 

Kindergarten & Preschool registration information for 2014-2015 school year:


Preschool Reading Time

Teri Belsheim, Elementary Administrative Assistant, recently took time out of her busy schedule to read a story to Mrs. Kotsmith's preschool class.


Students Celebrate 100th Day of School 


Mrs. Nickles, Mrs. Coop, Kindergarten students, Mrs. Slade's 1st Grade Class & Mrs. Bridgeman's 1st Grade Class

Ogilvie Elementary February Stars of the Month


Ogilvie 2nd Graders & Community Members Come Together to Help People in Africa

drost4.jpgOn Valentine’s Day the second grade classes had the opportunity to come together with their community members to do something special for the people of Africa!  Lewis Lake Covenant Church participates in an annual Bandage Rolling for Africa.  Strips of sheets are cut into 3 in. lengths, de-stringed, sewn together, rolled and then sent over-seas in order to provide much needed bandages for injured African citizens.  drost1.jpg
On February 14th, volunteers from Lewis Lake Church along with Mike and Jeni Sharratt from Mike’s Lawn Service came to teach second graders how this process works, so they could try it themselves!  All second graders had a fabulous time partaking in each step of the bandage rolling process!  It was also very rewarding to know how those bandages will be used to help people in need! drost2.jpg
The second grade teachers would like to give a big thank you to their community members (Lewis Lake Church and Mike’s Lawn Service) for making this day possible!
Submitted by 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Drost 




Mrs. Enyart's 2nd graders celebrated by reading "Charlotte's Web" and had a Charlotte's Web Barnyard Day!
Mrs. Lang's 4th graders partnered up with Mrs. Nickles' Kindergarteners for reading time!
Mrs. Johnson's 5th graders read together with Mrs. Kotsmith's Preschoolers!
Mr. Nelson, K-12 Principal, read a story "When the Crayons Quit" to the Preschool class.


5th/6th Grade Student of the Quarter
Telscha picture (800x600).jpg
Mrs. Davis, K-12 Assistant Principal and Telsha Berg 
Ogilvie School would like to proudly announce the name of our 5th/6th grade student of the quarter.  Congratulations to Miss Telscha Berg for this fantastic accomplishment!  Telscha is a great example of a student who demonstrates what we call “Lion Pride”.  Hard working, respectful, responsible, prepared, and dependable are all words we feel describe Telscha to a tee.   Even when she is faced with a challenge, Telscha approaches all situations with a positive attitude and sense of determination.  She is a great role for her peers!  Way to go, Telscha!
-submitted by Mrs. Johnson, 5th Grade Teacher 





There are currently no active announcements.

Ogilvie has free all day/every day Kindergarten! Click on "Documents" on the left for an information packet.


2013-2014 Elementary supply lists can be found under Documents.



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Watch a live video stream of an eagle's nest.
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Quarter End Dates:
1st Qtr - November 1st
2nd Qtr - January 24th
3rd Qtr - March 28th
4th Qtr - May 30th





The Nifty Fifty Book Club!
 Click NIfty Fifty Book Club.pdfNIfty Fifty Book Club.pdf for more information.







The Towards Zero Death Coalition of Kanabec County donated wristbands in Ogilvie colors that say “Buckle Up For Safety”.