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Ogilvie School's '13-'14 End-of-the-Year “Students of the Quarter”
The Student of the Quarter Award is a program designed by the faculty in order to give special recognition to those students at OHS who are doing exceptional jobs in their studies as well as their attitudes and activities.   A student is nominated and selected each quarter for the junior high and senior high divisions.  In addition to the recognition, the Greater Minnesota Credit Union, our sponsor, will be establishing a savings account in the student's name.
TD.JPGOur junior high student, Taylor Dobbins (shown at left with OHS Assistant Principal Sue Davis and GMCU representative Staci Norby),
was selected from the 7th – 9th grade level category.  Taylor is a 9th grader who is the daughter of Claude and Nancy Dobbins.  Some of the activities she is involved in include speech and Circle of Friends.  She is also involved in helping with activities at her Mom’s work, volunteering at Ogilvie Schools, Bake Sales, and fundraisers.  Taylor loves sharks and everything related to the sea.  She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to the movies, “redneck culture”, night swimming, and going to the mall.
Taylor’s favorite subject in school is Art because she loves to draw and it makes her imagination run wild.  She enjoys listening to music while thinking about what to draw.  She feels that school is important because “You learn stuff and sometimes get to do fun things.”    In the future, Taylor is considering becoming a marine biologist.
Our high school student, Samantha Olson, SO.JPGwas selected from the 10th – 12th grade level category.  Sam is a sophomore and is the daughter of Gene and Stacy Olson.  She is involved in Student Council, volleyball, basketball, softball, National Honor Society, and was in the school musical “Smile” this year.  She is a member of the True Vine Lutheran Church where she helps with Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Operation Christmas Child.  She also helps with fundraising events for the Ogilvie Dollars for Scholars and the Ogilvie Youth Basketball Association.  Some of her interests include:  sports, reading, art, watching movies, and listening to music.  Sam’s favorite subject in school is Art because she likes working on the different projects and challenging herself.  She feels that school is important because, “the possibilities are endless. You’re not boxed in and there’s no limit to what you can learn, see, and experience”.   Her advice for someone who doesn’t like school is, “Stick with it because it will be worth it in the long run.  There’s so much out there in the world that you can do, but you need your education.”  Sam plans to join the Air Force and attend law school after graduation.
Congratulations to Taylor Dobbins and Samantha Olson for being selected as Ogilvie’s newest Students of the Quarter!
Scholarships Awarded
Pictured: (From left to right) Autumn Carlson, Mariah Steffen, Heidi Haverinen, Justina Sorenson, Dallas Petroff, Angel Olson, Kelsey Kehoe and Grace Aldrich.  Not pictured: Justice Johnson
The Citizen’s Scholarship Foundation of Ogilvie Dollars for Scholars held their annual scholarship reception on May 18, 2014.  A total of $15,100 in scholarships will be awarded to nine Ogilvie graduates in the 2014-2015 school year.  Graduates being presented with this year’s scholarships are:
Carl J. Ahlgren Scholarship: $1500 renewable up to four years:  Justina Sorenson
Duane Pearson Scholarship: $750 renewable for four years:  Autumn Carlson
Citizen’s Scholarship Foundation of Ogilvie Scholarship: $500 for one year: Kelsey Kehoe, Justice Johnson, Justina Sorenson and Autumn Carlson
Nels A. Lee Scholarship: $300 for one year: Justice Johnson
Ed & Alice Nelson Scholarship: $300 for one year: Heidi Haverinen
Russell Bergren Memorial/ Peoples National Bank of Mora: $500 for one year:  Angel Olson, Heidi Haverinen, Mariah Steffen and Dallas Petroff
Eldore Miller Memorial Scholarship: $500 for one year: Grace Aldrich
Gretcen Folsom Memorial Scholarship: $500 for one year:  Kelsey Kehoe and Dallas Petroff
Ogilvie Athletes Compete at Section 5A Track Meet
Far right: Danille Lundberg receiving medal for 5th place.
Congratulations to Andrew Kohnen and Danielle Lundberg for competing in the Section 5A Track meet on May 28 at St. John's University.  Andrew scratched on his three prelim jumps in the Triple Jump.
Danielle qualified for finals and placed fifth with a personal best time of 27.57 seconds in the 200 meter dash.
-submitted by Coach Al Ambrose
Ogilvie Students at the GRC Art Show!
Ogilvie HS National Honor Society's Newest Members


Elementary May Stars of the Month
Talent Shines at 5th & 6th Grade Band & Choir Concert
Students performed to a full auditorium at their concert on May 1st. A great selection of vocals, intrumentals, and even guitar chords represented their musical achievements this year under the instruction of Ms. Hendry and Mr. Sander.
4th Graders Present Historical Figures

Ogilvie 4th graders recently presented a Wax Museum of Historical Figures featuring people such as Amelia Earhart, Sacagawea, Pocahontas, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Betsy Ross, and more!
6th Graders Build Rockets in Science Class
rockets.PNGMrs. Houle's 6th grade science class recently built rockets and had the opportunity
to launch them while
discussing Newton's


Preschool Reading Time


Teri Belsheim, Elementary Administrative Assistant, recently took time out of her busy schedule to read a story to Mrs. Kotsmith's preschool class.




Elementary April Stars of the Month
Ogilvie Announces 3rd Quarter "Students of the Quarter"
(Pictured from left to right are:  Greater MN Credit Union representative Sheri Renner, 10th grade Alix Heins, 9th grader Jacob DeBoer, and OHS Assistant Principal Sue Davis.)
The Student of the Quarter Award is a program designed by the faculty in order to give special recognition to those students at OHS who are doing exceptional jobs in their studies as well as their attitudes and activities.   A student is nominated and selected each quarter for the junior high (7th-9th grade) and senior high (10th-12th grade) divisions.  In addition to the recognition, the Greater Minnesota Credit Union, our sponsor, will be establishing a savings account in the student's name.
Our junior high student, Jacob DeBoer, was selected from the 7th – 9th grade level category.  Jacob is a 9th grader who is the son of Gerry and Shanna DeBoer.  Some of his activities include:  football, basketball, and baseball.  He is also involved in attending CCD classes at St. Kathryn’s Church in Ogilvie and volunteers for Community Education programs at Ogilvie School.
Some of Jacob’s hobbies include: playing Xbox games, watching movies, and listening to music.  His pastimes include hanging out with his friends, playing sports, fishing, and hunting.
Jacob’s favorite subject in school is Physical Science because he gets to learn about many new things in our world.  He feels that school is important because, “it can prepare me for my future and lets me feel a sense of achievement when I work my hardest.”  If Jacob were to give advice to someone who doesn’t like school, he would say, “In the future, you will not regret your decision to go to school.  Education helps you do well in life.”  In the future, Jacob is considering joining the Air Force Academy to become an astronaut or engineer in the NASA Space Program.
Our high school student, Alix Heins, was selected from the 10th – 12th grade level category.  Alix, a sophomore, is the daughter of Brandon and Mary Heins.  She is involved in softball, FFA, Student Council, and NHS.  Some of her activities include Sunday School at St. Kathryn’s Church and volunteering at the Ogilvie Food Shelf.  Alix’s interests include:  reading, gardening, softball, photography, and being at the lake. 
Alix’s favorite subject in school is English because she loves to read and write.  She feels school is important because, “it teaches responsibility and helps shape our minds for the future”.   Her advice for someone who doesn’t like school is, “You should work your hardest because you need to look at the big picture.  Where do you want to be 10 years from now?”  Alix isn’t sure of her future plans, but her goal is to attend a four year university.  The location and major is undecided. 
Congratulations to Jacob DeBoer and Alix Heins for being selected as Ogilvie’s newest Students of the Quarter!  Also, a huge THANK YOU to our sponsor, the Greater Minnesota Credit Union.
Ogilvie FFA Visits the State Capitol
Above: (l to r) Shalyn Steinbrecher, Hannah Stahnke, Maddie Hass, Shania Nahring, Randi LaBeau, Alix Heins
On March 27th, Ogilvie FFA participated in FFA day at the Capitol. Six Ogilvie students joined the nearly 300 FFA members who visit with MN legislators each year to promote Ag. and Education policy and secure legislative support of the program. Ogilvie FFA had the amazing opportunity to tour the Capitol and select government buildings nearby. Members met with Senator Dave Brown to discuss Ag. policy and share personal experiences surrounding Ag. Ed and FFA. They also had the opportunity to view the Senate in session, as well as legislative committees. These students had a great time learning about the legislative process in MN and did very well representing Ogilvie! Members in attendance included: Maddie Hass, Alix Heins, Randi LaBeau, Shania Nahring, Hannah Stahnke, and Shalyn Steinbrecher.
Below: (l to r) advisor Amanda Cook, Shalyn Steinbrecher, Randi LaBeau, Maddie Hass, Sen. Dave Brown, Hannah Stahnke, Alix Heins, Shania Nahring
Submitted by Teacher/FFA Advisor, Amanda Cook
Ogilvie 2nd Graders & Community Members Come Together to Help People in Africa
On Valentine’s Day the second grade classes had the opportunity to come together with their community members to do something special for the people of Africa!  Lewis Lake Covenant Church participates in an annual Bandage Rolling for Africa.  Strips of sheets are cut into 3 in. lengths, de-stringed, sewn together, rolled and then sent over-seas in order to provide much needed bandages for injured African citizens.  drost1.jpg
On February 14th, volunteers from Lewis Lake Church along with Mike and Jeni Sharratt from Mike’s Lawn Service came to teach second graders how this process works, so they could try it themselves!  All second graders had a fabulous time partaking in each step of the bandage rolling process!  It was also very rewarding to know how those bandages will be used to help people in need! drost2.jpg
The second grade teachers would like to give a big thank you to their community members (Lewis Lake Church and Mike’s Lawn Service) for making this day possible!
Submitted by 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Drost 



Great River Conference Speech Champions
The Ogilvie Speech Team was named Great River Conference Speech Champions on Monday night at the conference meet held in Hinckley.  This is the second year in a row that the team received first place honors at the conference.  A special highlight of the conference meet was the fact that every member of the Ogilvie team placed in his or her category.  This is the first time in Ogilvie's speech history that this has ever happened.  The team will face sub-section competition on March 31 at St. Cloud Cathedral.

studentwithaward.JPGStudents Receive Awards
Students recently participated in the 22nd Annual Work Skills Day Competition at the Anoka Ramsey Community College and did an outstanding job representing Ogilvie.  Our school  received two awards.  As a team, we placed 2nd in soft skills out of 8 schools.  Also, Jordan Cowden placed 1st  out of 85 students in the General Knowledge Test!
5th/6th Grade Student of the Quarter
Telscha picture (800x600).jpg
Mrs. Davis, K-12 Assistant Principal and Telsha Berg 
Ogilvie School would like to proudly announce the name of our 5th/6th grade student of the quarter.  Congratulations to Miss Telscha Berg for this fantastic accomplishment!  Telscha is a great example of a student who demonstrates what we call “Lion Pride”.  Hard working, respectful, responsible, prepared, and dependable are all words we feel describe Telscha to a tee.   Even when she is faced with a challenge, Telscha approaches all situations with a positive attitude and sense of determination.  She is a great role for her peers!  Way to go, Telscha!
-submitted by Mrs. Johnson, 5th Grade Teacher 

Students Celebrate 100th Day of School 


Mrs. Nickles, Mrs. Coop, Kindergarten students, Mrs. Slade's 1st Grade Class & Mrs. Bridgeman's 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Enyart's 2nd graders celebrated by reading "Charlotte's Web" and had a Charlotte's Web Barnyard Day!
Mrs. Lang's 4th graders partnered up with Mrs. Nickles' Kindergarteners for reading time!
Mrs. Johnson's 5th graders read together with Mrs. Kotsmith's Preschoolers!
Mr. Nelson, K-12 Principal, read a story "When the Crayons Quit" to the Preschool class.

Ogilvie Elementary February Stars of the Month

Monday, May 12th, 7:30 p.m. Auditorium
This ACTIVITIES RECOGNITION NIGHT will recognize students for their success and effort in Visual Arts, Speech, Drama, Choir and Band.
Ogilvie Students Send Their Best
With the help of HS Social Studies Teacher, Mrs. Cekalla, 443 "best wishes, thank yous, and pictures" were sent to Veterans participating in the Honor Flight program. For more information:
Students Prepare for Choir\Band Concert with Guitars
May 1st at 7:00 pm
Ogilvie Announces Newest Students of the Quarter
studentofQtrMS.JPGstudentofQtrMW.JPGOur junior high student, Matthew Warren, was selected from the 7th – 9th grade level category.  Matthew, an 8th grader, is the son of Bryan and Karyn Warren.  He is involved in wrestling, track, band, and jazz band.  He’s also involved in the youth group at the Lighthouse Fellowship in Milaca.
His favorite subjects in school are algebra because he thinks it is fun and challenging, and geography because he likes to learn about the different countries and their cultures.  Matthew likes to draw and listen to music when he has free time.  He feels school is important because you will need it “to get a good education in order to be successful in the future”.   Matthew plans on being a math teacher and a wrestling coach (just like Mr. Adam Halvorson)!   He is considering attending the University of Minnesota-Duluth.
Our high school student, Michelle Stahnke, was selected from the 10th – 12th grade level category.  Michelle, a junior, is the daughter of Tim Stahnke and Sheila Marie Sager.    Some of her activities include: volleyball, being the wrestling manager, being a member of the Prom Committee, taking part in the spring musical “Smile”, helping out in the high school office, and donating blood to the Red Cross.  Her hobbies include:  cheerleading, hunting, camping, watching sporting events at school, and hanging out with friends.
Michelle’s favorite class in school is math because she thinks it is challenging and interesting.  She believes school is important because, “it educates you and teaches you responsibility.  Being educated gives you many opportunities to choose a career you want.  Michelle’s future goal is to attend Winona State University and go into the field of nursing.  Some day, she would like to deliver babies.
A huge “thank you” to the Greater Minnesota Credit Union for sponsoring the Student of the Quarter program at Ogilvie this year!



Speech Team Wins 1st Place
The Ogilvie Varsity Speech team started off their 2014 speech season with a big win.  The team captured the first place plaque in the small school division out scoring 5 other teams.  In addition to the first place team honor, five of the team members received recognition for their performances:  Kristina Josul, Kelsey Kehoe, Autumn Olson, Jared Torgeson and Randi LaBeau.
-submitted by Joan Erickson
Congratulations to Ogilvie musicians who represented Ogilvie High School at the Two Rivers All-Conference Music Festival, on Saturday, Jan. 11th, 2014 at Hinckley HS,   Instrumentalists: Alexis Geving-flute, Alexis Knoll-clarinet, Jared Torgeson-trumpet, Sarah Anderson-trombone, Kelsey Kehoe-percussion and to Vocalists:- Angel Olson, Paige Kleiven, Randi LaBeau, Alexia VanderPlaats, Alissa VanderPlaats, Jordana Yotter and Zach Peterson.  musicians1a.jpg
The Honor Choir was directed by Dr. Michael Culloton of Concordia, Moorhead, MN.  The Honor Band was under the direction of Mr. Daniel Eaton of the University of MN, Duluth. Music students and teachers from 7 area schools, Braham, Hinckley-Finlayson, Isle, Ogilvie, Onamia, Pine City and Rush City were involved in this concert. Rather than competing, selected student musicians cooperate and unite their talents to create music together.  The students rehearsed together for three hours on Dec. 18th. Throughout the day on Jan. 11, the conductors worked with the students to develop and polish their music for the performance Saturday evening which was open to the public, and was well attended.
Ogilvie Announces Newest Students of the Quarter
Pictured left to right are MN Greater Credit Union representative Sheri Renner, Ryan Plunske, Nate Olson and OHS Assistant Principal Sue Davis
Our junior high student, Nate Olson, was selected from the 7th–9th grade level category.  Nate, a freshman, is the son of Jeff Hamm and Sarah Harvey.  He is a member of the basketball team and his hobbies include hunting and reading. 
His favorite subject in school is Math because he it’s the easiest class for him and he has a lot of friends in it.  He feels school is important because “it helps prepare you for the world with knowledge.”  Nate doesn’t yet have any plans for after high school,  but knows he “wants to be ready for anything!”
Our high school student, Ryan Plunske, was selected from the 10th–12th grade level category.  Ryan, a junior, is the son of Michelle LorLynn Roberts and Eric Joseph Plunske.  His hobbies include playing video games, hanging out with friends and airsofting.
Ryan’s favorite class in school is Science because he likes to learn how the world works.  Ryan believes school is important because it “gives us basic knowledge to excel later in life”.    He plans on joining the Air Force after high school. 
A huge “thank you” to the Greater Minnesota Credit Union for sponsoring the Student of the Quarter program at Ogilvie again this year!
Ogilvie Art Students Shine at IMAGE Art Show
The IMAGE Art Show is open to artists living in Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs and Pine Counties.  OHS had 22 students entering artwork into the Youth Category, which includes ages 13-17.  Four of our students received awards for their creative efforts.  Junior Jesse Lee won 1st place and a $75 prize for his Layered Paper project.  Senior Dakota Ponto won 2nd place and a $50 prize for her charcoal drawing of a horse’s face.  Seniors Heather Krahmer and Angel Olson each won a Merit Award and a $25 prize for their drawings.  Congratulations to these students!
(Pictured from left to right are:  Heather Krahmer, Angel Olson and Jesse Lee.  Dakota Ponto was not present, but her artwork is included.)
Other OHS students who entered art projects into this show include:  freshman Taylor Dobbins, sophomores Autumn Olson, Randi LaBeau and Kristina Josul, juniors Danielle Lundberg, Alissa VanderPlaats, Alexia VanderPlaats, Alexis Knoll, Missy Smith, Savannah Miltz, Destiny Lydon,  Akasha Olson, Alexis Geving and seniors Colter LaBeau, Grace Aldrich, Justina Sorensen, Destiny Brisbois and Justice Johnson.
-submitted by HS Art Teacher, Lee Ann Falen
Scholastic Book Fair at Ogilvie Schools
Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Book Fair!
Elementary January Stars of the Month


Elementary December Stars of the Month


50th School Day Celebrated
To celebrate this year's 50th day of school, Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers and students are participating in 1950s themed activities, with several dressing up for the day!
FFA Dairy Foods Team is Headed to State!
On November 12, Ogilvie FFA members Randi Labeau, Shalyn Steinbrecher, Kristina Josul, and Kaitie Peterson Attended the Dairy Foods CDE in Princeton, MN. The dairy foods contest includes identifying dairy products, taste testing milk samples for flavor defects, performing the California Mastitis test, and examining milker equipment for defects. Also included in the scoring is a written test on dairy products and milk marketing. The girls placed 5th and will be representing Ogilvie at the State competition in St. Paul this April. Great job!
-submitted by FFA Advisor, Mrs. Cook
Floriculture Class Creates Edible Arrangements
You’ve probably seen them on TV, or heard about them on the radio as the tasty new alternative to traditional floral arrangements. This week, students in Mrs. Cook’s Floriculture class had the opportunity to design and build their very own edible arrangements. Students chose from an assortment of fruit to arrange, and even got to add special touches like shaped fruit and chocolate dipped pieces. They turned out great, and are sure to be delicious!
-submitted by FFA Advisor, Mrs. Cook
Elementary November Stars of the Month
5th\6th Grade Student of the Quarter
5th grade student, Tori, shown with K-12 Assistant Principal, Sue Davis.
Ogilvie Readers Shop For Books
On Wednesday, December 18th, nine awesome Ogilvie readers discovered just how far reading can take you! As members of the Ogilvie NIFTY FIFTY READING CLUB, they were chosen  to help buy new books at the St. Cloud Scholastic Warehouse sale using grant money to help promote reading. The kids were surprised to see a limo in front of the school and enjoyed riding in style. A special thanks to Joel Kuehn for his services! Check out our exciting video to see how much fun it can be when READING TAKES YOU PLACES!
Ogilvie School Acquires Free Monitors
Becky Sanborn, Technology Coordinator, and Rodney Becker, Lead Technician, recently met with Jerald Beyer, Property Disposal Technician, in St. Paul to load up 81 LCD monitors for school use as a result of the Computers for Learning program. These monitors will be used to replace remaining CRT monitors, to complete additional workstations, and save on the cost of buying new when needed.monitorsCRT.jpg


We Day/We Act Necessity Drive
We Day participants recently hosted a Necessity Drive. This event was a service goal based on their experience from October 8, 2013 when thirty students attended ‘We Day Minnesota’. This day focused on giving back to your community and the world to make it a better place, but most of all to help those in need. They have taken the message that was delivered that day and made a commitment to act upon it! That commitment requires them to establish two obtainable service goals.
All of the items collected are being distributed right here in our Ogilvie community! Some of the items collected include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, washcloths, shampoo, chap stick, and more. 
 Elementary October Stars of the Month
Ogilvie Students Participate in Unity Day
OHS Logo Design Contest Winners!
All 7th – 12th grade Ogilvie students were invited in design a creative logo to represent our school.  The winning idea will not be replacing our current logo in all of its current uses, but it will definitely be screen printed onto a t-shirt that will be for sale and may be used other places as well.  All ideas had to have:  a lion (either the head or the entire body),  “Ogilvie” or “OHS” and ALL 15 sports/activities that our school has to offer.
Art students voted for their favorite 10 out of the 59 entries we received.  Then, staff voted on their favorites out of the top 10 choices.  Students could submit more than one logo per person.  Students in the top 10 include:
--Kristina Josul
--Cody Bixby
--Cole Felde
--Dominick Ponto
--Danielle Lundberg
--Anna Kacia Falen
--Heather Krahmer
--Sierra Steiner
Congratulations to 1st place winner Heather Krahmer and to ALL of these students on their hard work and creativity!
1st place – senior Heather Krahmer
2nd place – junior Danielle Lundberg
3rd place – sophomore Sierra Steiner
4th place – senior Heather Krahmer
5th place – 8th grader Anna Kacia Falen
Submitted by Ogilvie Art Teacher Lee Ann Falen
Elementary September Stars of the Month




Computer Distribution Held at Ogilvie School

Through a Blandin Foundation Grant, and the work of individuals/ organizations involved with the Kanabec Broadband Initiative – complete computer systems were given to 50 families in Kanabec County through the PCs for People organization.  Ogilvie Public school hosted the event on October 7th, with 24 of the total giveaways to families of the Ogilvie School District.  Kanabec County’s Head Start Program and the Mora School District combined, received the remaining computer systems.
We Day is an educational event and the movement of our time—a movement of young people leading local and global change. Ogilvie High school proudly sent 30 students and four staff members and a parent volunteer to this HUGE event. Over 18,000 students and teachers celebrated this global movement at the Excel Energy Center in Saint Paul.
Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23 - 31
NHS is designating dress up days to promote drug awareness throughout our school for Red Ribbon week.
Wednesday, October 23 Wear your shirt backwards (to turn your back on drugs)
Thursday, October 24 Wear sweats (because drugs are no sweat)
Friday, October 25 Crazy sock day (to sock it to drugs)
Mrs. Bridgeman's 1st Grade class participating in Crazy Sock Day:
Tuesday, October 29 Black Out Drugs (Wear anything black)
Wednesday, October 30 Red Day (Wear red to say yes to a healthy heart and body)
Thursday, October 31 School Pride Day (because we are proud to be drug free lions)For more information:
OHS Logo Design Contest Winners!
Ogilvie High School recently had a contest for students to submit a logo design for use on shirts and other areas. Heather Krahmer, a senior at OHS, won the contest.
International Dot Day Celebrated by Ogilvie Elementarydotdaylogo.png
Ogilvie Elementary celebrated International Dot Day on Friday, September 13th. Students were encouraged to wear dots if possible. Many students created "dot" artwork during the day. For more information about dot day, click here:
Click here to view a video of the day created by Elementary Title teacher, Mrs. Rome. 
Malt Machine to Concession Stand
Starting with the October 15th home events, spectators will be able to enjoy malts from the concession stand. The malts2.jpgintroduction to these delicious malts was celebrated by giving a free malt to each Kindergarten through 12th grade student at lunch time.






Expanding Opportunities & Learning
Providing Resources & Support
Inspiring Passion & Purpose
Collaborating with Community & Families
51 kids + 5 adults + themes + learning activities + field trips + special guests + food + incentives = SUCCESS
Highlights of the EPIC Summer Program included swimming, learning with legos, cooking, a Veterinarian visit, a cattle auction field trip, reading, math games, Valley Fair, kickball and so much more!
And now, the EPIC continues on what we call “Amazing Mondays”. As a four-day week school, our district designates two Mondays each month, as extra learning opportunities for kids in Targeted Service, Community Education and Gifted and Talented. For information about the EPIC program, please contact Mrs. Rome at or 272-5050 ext. 115Click HERE to view a YouTube video on the EPIC experience that students had this past summer!
UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who voted. Ogilvie School received a total of 117 votes!
Homecoming Week! Sept 22 - 28, 2013
Sunday - Coronation - Congratulations to Mitch Olson and Autumn Carlson!
Tuesday - 80's Day

JH Football @ 4:45 vs Hinckley-Finlayson Tied 16-16
Varsity Volleyball @ 7:30 vs Pine City Won 3 sets to 2 sets
JV Volleyball @ 6:00 vs Pine City Won 2 sets to 1 set
JH Volleyball @ 4:45 @ Pine City Won 3 sets to 2 sets

Wednesday - Twin Day or MN Twins Day

Thursday - Dress up Day
Varsity Volleyball @ 7:30 vs Aitkin
JV Volleyball @ 6:00 vs Aitkin
C Volleyball @ 6:00 vs Aitkin
JH Volleyball @ 4:45 vs Braham
Friday - Loyalty Day
Pep Fest @ 2:00
Judy Sjodin Caring for Kids Fund Bake Sale at school @ 4:30
Pork Chop Dinner @ 4:30
Homecoming Football game @ 7:00 vs Cook County
Homecoming Dance 9:00 pm - midnight, grades 7-12, $5.00