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Email Migration Project

Friday: You may have noticed email still working until shortly after 2:00 pm. There are a lot of prep steps involved and it's hard to predict the exact cutoff time. So this means you will need to check your MS Exchange email account to see the messages you received up until the actual cutoff time on Friday.

outlookwebaccess.PNGLink to (old) Outlook web access email:

Saturday AM: You can login to your Google account and will now see a "Mail" link at the top right. Or open up the apps button and you will see the Mail icon to click. All of your emails should be there, including new ones that arrived after the cutoff time on Friday.

The username for your Google account is your full school email address. If you don't remember your password, Rodney or I can reset it Tuesday morning. If you can't get logged in and really need to before Tuesday, txt or call me at 320-282-8004.

There is still work being done with this migration project. If contact groups, etc aren't yet how they need to be, don't be alarmed.

Sunday AM: Sometime today, everything should be completely done with the move to Google. As some of you know from trying to share a document in Google to all of Elem staff, HS staff, etc., we've only had those main "groups" setup in the MS Exchange email side of our global groups. However, now you will be able to use those groups for document sharing too, once they are completely migrated over.

googlelogo.pngDirect link to (new) Google email: ‚Äč

Sunday afternoon: Not all customized folders have moved over yet. If you don't see all of yours, you should by tomorrow morning.

Monday: All email components (contacts, folders, calendar items, etc) should be completely moved over from your Exchange account to your new Google email account. It seems our global email groups (Elem Teachers, Elem Staff, HS Teachers, HS Staff) might not be working yet.

Tuesday: Working on the group issue. Should be resolved soon. Also need to reconfigure Konicas for the scan to email option. Please don't scan until we have that done.

Tuesday afternoon: Global groups are now working.