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​​​​​Speech Team

Kelsey Kehoe,

Emily Carlson,


JH Schedule

January 4th - Pine City
Leave time 2:15​​​​​​​pm

January 11th - North Branch
Leave time 2:00pm

January 18th - Onamia
Leave time 2:30pm

January 25th - Milaca
Leave time 2:45pm

February 1st - Hinckley (GRC Tournament)
Laney Dickson: 2nd Place Serious Prose
Keve Ziegler: 3rd Place Informative
Ethan Tillman: 4th Place Creative​
Julie Meyman: 4th Place Poetry
Emily Marshall: 5th Place Storytelling
Zac Tillman: 6th Place Informative

Varsity Schedule

January 27th - OGILVIE
Riley Hawkins and Laney Dickson: 1st Place Duo
Sam DeVito: 2nd Place Prose
Serenity Jens: 2nd Place Creative
Ethan Tillman: 3rd Place Creative
Evelyn Tillman: 4th Place Humorous
Emily Handy: 4th Place Creative
Emily Marshall: 4th Place Storytelling
Kaitlyn Kehoe: 5th Place Extempt. Reading

February 3rd - Ogilvie (Practice)
Arrive time 9:00am

February 10th - Onamia
Sam DeVito: 1st Place Prose (98%, 100%, 98%)

February 17th - North Branch
Leave time 7:00am

February 24th - Princeton
Leave time 7:15am

March 3rd - Fridley
Leave time 6:45am

March 10th - Milaca
Leave time 7:45am

March 17th - Open

March 24th - Cambridge
Leave time 7:15am

March 26th - Pine City (GRC)
Leave time 2:15pm (subject to change)

April 9th - Onamia (Sub-Sections)
Leave time 7:15am

April 14th - Duluth Marshall (Sections)
Leave time TBD

April 20th-21st - Apple Valley STATE
Leave time TBD


Junior High Season​
​​Sam and Riley.png

​​Photo Credit: Laney Dickson

Brittney and Laney.png

​​Photo Credit: Laney Dickson​


​Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Kehoe​

Junior High
Speech Ki​​ck Off!!

​​​Photo Credits: Seri Ziegler​



MSHSL Rules and Policies

Interp. Scripts

Creative Expression

Ethan Tillman
Lexy Saunders
Serenity Jens
Emily Handy


Outline 2017-2018

Drama Interp.

Duo Interp.

Documentary: Figures of Speech can be found on Netflix. It is based around the category of Duo but is a great film to watch for everyone!

Seri Ziegler and Brittney Petersen
Riley Hawkins and Laney Dickson

Extempt. Reading

A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury 2017-2018

The Poetry of Our World by Jeffrey Paine 2017-2018

Kaitlyn Kehoe

Extempt. Speaking

Great Speeches

Humorous Interp.

Evelyn Tillman
Keve Ziegler


Cordell Vogel
Zac Tillman

Original Oratory

Serious Poetry

Michaela Hagen
Julie Meyman

Prose Interp.

Sam DeVito
Zac Stinnett


Emily Marshall