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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Speech Team

Kelsey K​​ehoe​, kkehoe@ogilvie.k12.m​, Head Coach

​Emily Carlson,, Assistant Coach​

Heather Sauve,, Volunteer Coach (Extemp Reading, Discussion)

Kaitlyn Kehoe,, Volunteer Coach (Interp​)


​Photo Credit: Denise Krebs

State Competitors
Z76A8385 (2).JPG

Sam DeVito and Cordell Vogel

Duo Interpretation

Sub-sections: 4th place

Sections: 2nd place

State: 21st place​

Photo Credit: Denise Krebs

Z76A8324 (2)tu.jpg

​​​Kaitlyn Kehoe - Serious Poetry

Sub-Sections: 1st place

Sections: 1st place

State: 21st place

Photo Credit: Denise Krebs

Z76A8304 (2).JPG

​Riley Hawkins and Serenity Jens

Duo Interpretation

Sub-sections: 2nd place

Sections: 3rd place

State: 21st place

Photo Credit: Denise Krebs​

Varsity Season

Photo credit: Brittney Petersen


Photo credit: Brittney Petersen


Photo credit: Seri Ziegler


Photo credit: Seri Ziegler

Junior High Season​


​​Photo Credit: Seri Ziegler


MSHSL Rules and Policies

Interp. Scripts
(4N6 Fanatics Vault)​

Ogilvie Speech Team Handbook 2018-2019​

SPEAK2compete: Speech Camp!
Video about camp
Camp prices and other details​

Creative Expression
​​​​​​​Cassie DeVito
Kyra Hoffman

​Montgomery Ponto
Kelsi Pohl

Drama Interp.
​​​Noah Bitz
LaTia Vogel

Duo Interp.

Documentary: Figures of Speech can be found on Netflix. It is based around the category of Duo but is a great film to watch for everyone!

Cordell Vogel and Alivia Sanborn
Riley Hawkins and Serenity Jens

Extemp. Reading
​​​Abigail Bartel

Extemp. Speaking

Great Speeches

Humorous Interp.​
​​​Keve Ziegler

​​​​Icelynn Haines

Original Oratory​​​​​​
​​​Ashlynn Dunkley

Serious Poetry
​​Julie Meyman
Natalie Polipnick

Prose Interp.
​​​Kendra Vogel

​Mackenzie Eisenschenk