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Welcome to the Superintendent's Page!


Kathy Belsheim

Favorite quote:  “EDUCATION is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” by Marian Wright Edelman

Welcome to the 2019-2020

School Year!


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Ogilvie School District #333 Winter Plan

Closing school due to poor weather conditions is always a difficult decision.  In deciding to cancel or delay the start of school, Ogilvie Superintendent Kathy Belsheim consults with Mark Sharratt, Ogilvie School's Transportation Director.  They personally check weather and road conditions to assist in making the decision.  Numerous weather websites are used; and contacts are made with Kanabec County Highway Department, township road maintenance representatives, and area superintendents – depending on whether the situation is cold weather or poor road conditions. 

Consideration Guidelines:   conditions outlined below will be used in the consideration of cancelling or postponing school.

We will consider cancellation or a delayed start:

COLD  DAY - temperature

Ø  If air temperature is -25 degrees Fahrenheit or colder OR
Ø  If wind chill is -35 degrees Fahrenheit or colder

SNOW  DAY – road conditions

School will be cancelled if heavy snow and/or icy conditions make it extremely hazardous or impossible for school buses to travel their routes and for employees to get to work safely.

The decision to cancel OR schedule a delayed start for any reason (including non-weather related) will be made as soon as possible. 

·         Notification will be sent directly to families using the Ogilvie District's message system 

·         Information will be posted on the school website: 

·         Notification will be sent to media (TV & Radio)

All school-sponsored programs and events, including athletic activities and community education classes, will also be cancelled if school is cancelled.  An exception may occur with athletic activities if playoffs/sectionals deem the necessity.

At any time during inclement weather, parents do have the option of keeping their children at home.  However, we are confident our students will be transported in warm, safe buses.  Parents' assistance in having their students dressed in appropriate winter clothing would be an additional safety measure if buses are running slightly behind schedule.

SAME  DAY  CANCELLATIONS:  If weather conditions are expected to worsen throughout the school day, and school is closed early, the same procedures outlined above will be followed.


The following question is always asked when making decisions from my office: 

"What's BEST for Our Ogilvie Public Schools' Students?"